Unwanted Peach Fuzz and What to Do About It

No one prepared me for the facial hair. I mean, sure, as a teen I overplucked my eyebrows like the rest of us, but there comes a point in every woman’s life that a pair of tweezers and a lighted mirror just doesn’t keep up on the neck, cheek, and jawline. That’s when I started scheduling monthly appointments with an esthetician, but for me, they just weren’t right. It was another monthly cost and another monthly appointment. Plus, as incredible as my esthetician was, let’s face it: waxing is downright painful. The reality is laser treatments, dermaplaning appointments, or regular waxing treatments are costly and time consuming.

But I was sick of the peach fuzz. I really enjoy a full make-up face look on dressier days, but foundation clings to peach fuzz making it look cakey and over-done. And then one day while I was mindless scrolling on Instagram (yes, I do that too), I saw a review for the Tinkle razor, one brand of many eyebrow/dermaplaning razors for women.

Ladies, I was paying $60 a month for my monthly waxing treatments. A pack of 12 of these disposable razors are available on Amazon for under $8. I figured I had nothing to lose; after all, this beauty blogger on IG certainly looked flawless, and that’s always a guarantee right? Maybe not. But still, I was desperate.

So I put the Tinkle Razor to the test. I am no beauty blogger, and I am certainly not an esthetician, but I used this Tinkle Razor fresh out of the box first try, and it was incredibly easy. The razor isn’t sharp like a shaving razor, so there’s little danger of getting nicked. Instead, it gently exfoliates the very top layer of skin, buffing away unwanted peach fuzz and dry skin. I had to be mindful of a few blemishes I have and take care not to snag anything or take half my eyebrow off accidentally, but that’s pretty self-explanatory. It was easy to control and easy to use.

Afterwards, I cleansed my face with a gentle face wash and used a non-clogging gentle moisturizer, which stung slightly. And that makes sense because I had just removed the top layer of skin from my face, leaving my face slightly pink. But when I went in the next morning with my foundation, it applied flawlessly, all signs of dry skin and peach fuzz taken to the cleaners. Turns out the Tinkle Razor (and I’ve now used other brands with equal efficacy) was affordable, easy, and efficient. I loved it. Hope you do too!