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Is Melaleuca right for you?

Before You Try Melaleuca, There’s Something You Should Know

Well, this is it: The last company review in my five-part series on product-focused, home-based business opportunities. Have I saved the best for last with Melaleuca review? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The first four companies I looked at—Younique, Scentsy, LuLaRoe, and doTERRA—all rely on distributors who purchase and resell their products. That’s the hallmark of multi-level marketing.

Melaleuca, however, has no distributors. It’s just an online store. I was kind of surprised when I found that out. It turns out that the only way customers can purchase Melaleuca products is directly from the company.

That begs the question: If Melaleuca doesn’t use the MLM model, how can it be a home-based business opportunity? The answer is actually quite simple.

Melaleuca relies on word-of-mouth referrals to market its products. When a customer shops online at Melaleuca, a percentage of their purchase is paid as a commission to whoever referred them.

Founded over 30 years ago, Melaleuca manufactures and sells over 400 products from toothpaste and lotion to vitamins and sports nutrition items. That’s what really caught my attention, it is just how many products Melaleuca offers. And these are products people use every day, like dish soap and laundry detergent.

Not only that, but people seem to really like the products at Melaleuca. The company reached $1 billion in annual sales a few years ago, and it continues to grow every year. It also has a really high rating with the Better Business Bureau, which I think says a lot about how a company is run.

Melaleuca has a high monthly reordered rate among its customer base. I’m talking really high—like over 95%. When that many customers are buying and using products month after month, it’s no wonder the company is doing so well.

So what is it that people like about Melaleuca products? I talked to a girlfriend of mine who has been shopping with Melaleuca for years, and she gave me the lowdown.

First, she said, Melaleuca offers so many products that it’s like walking into a Walgreens—except you just stay at home, order the products while wearing your pajamas, and have them delivered to your front door. There are makeup and cosmetics, lip balm, shampoo and body wash, snack foods and drinks, coffee, and tea, essential oils, ibuprofen, supplements, protein powder for athletes…the list just goes on and on.

Second, is the price. My friend said she spends what she would be shopping for the same items at the grocery store. A lot of online businesses charge an arm and a leg for products that really aren’t that great.

And last, she told me, is the quality of the products. Melaleuca is big on going green—which scores point in my book. They use natural, biodegradable ingredients and formulas that are safe for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Melaleuca

Is Melaleuca a consumer direct marketing company?

Yes, Melaleuca pioneered the consumer-direct business model. The business rewards its members for new consumer product purchases. This is not to be confused with multi-level marketing which is a business model based on multiple levels of product distribution. Melaleuca’s policies prohibit the resale of its products. The vast majority of Melaleuca’s customers are preferred members, meaning they have a shopping club membership and can order products directly through the company’s website.

What products does Melaleuca sell?

Melaleuca offers a wide variety of household goods geared towards a healthy lifestyle. Supplements, foods, eco-friendly cleaners, essential oils, bath and body soaps and lotions and many more are all part of the Melaleuca name. One of the most popular Melaleuca products is Renew Lotion.

How does Melaleuca laundry soap compare to Tide?

The biggest difference is Melaleuca’s EcoSense laundry products are concentrated up to 9x. Most store-bought brands such as Tide are only 2x. Melaleuca’s laundry products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Is Melaleuca a legitimate company?

Melaleuca was founded in 1985 and does over $2 billion in sales annually. The company operates in over 15 countries. It is a very successful international business based in Idaho and sells over 450 products ranging from nutritional supplements to laundry soap and eco-friendly, toxin-free home cleaners. Melaleuca is a consumer direct marketing company, and not a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. MLMs have multiple levels of product distribution, which is something Melaleuca does not allow.

The products are also safe for families—again, something I refuse to compromise on. They don’t contain any toxic or harsh chemicals that can really be dangerous and unhealthy. Not a single one of Melaleuca’s products require child-proof caps.

No safety caps?! I’m sold.

Basically, my girlfriend told me, “Alyce, my family and I use dozens of Melaleuca products every day; my kids love them, and they’re totally safe; they’re a higher quality and a better value than the junk sitting on grocery store shelves; I buy them online at my convenience; and the company sends me a few hundred bucks every month just because I referred some of my friends and family. Why wouldn’t I shop there?”

Melaleuca Building

Hmm. I think I may need to switch stores.

About Melaleuca
Founded: 1985

Founder and Executive Chairman: Frank VanderSloot

CEO:  Jerry Felton

Address: 4609 W 65th S, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: (208) 522-0700
Website: melaleuca.com

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