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30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Busy Moms Who Deserve a Break

30 Christmas Gift Ideas for Busy Moms Who Deserve a Break

Every other day of the year, we’re writing for the women. We see you: busy moms juggling the weight of trying to have it all. You are incredible and worth celebrating.

Today, our post is for the loved ones in your life. So pass over the phone and let them do the reading. You deserve to be pampered.

Folks, It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to show your appreciation for the busy moms in your life. Every day they juggle work, family obligations, and household tasks at warp speed with little time to take a break. This Christmas, give them something special to help them relax and recharge. Whether they are a stay-at-home mom or a working mother, here are 30 gift ideas that will make any busy mom smile.

*As a side bonus, ideas that can be purchased Christmas Eve and still make a meaningful appearance under the tree are marked with an asterisk.

1. Spa vouchers*

Treating a busy mom to a day at the spa is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for her. From massages and facials to manicures and pedicures, she will appreciate the chance to relax and unwind.

2. Wine subscription*

Give your favorite mom an indulgent treat with a wine subscription. From classic reds to sparkling whites, she will have something to suit her taste.

3. Amazon Echo Dot

Let your busy mom stay on top of things while keeping her hands free with an Amazon Echo Dot. She can access music, podcasts, and much more with just the sound of her voice.

4. Gift basket

Put together a gift basket of her favorite things. This could include chocolates, bath salts, lotions, and candles to help her relax after a long day.

5. A night out with the girls*

Let your special mom catch up with her friends while you watch the kids. Give her a voucher for dinner, call the friends, and make the reservation.

6. Yoga classes*

Gift your busy mom a set of yoga classes at her local studio. She can take some time to focus on her health and wellbeing while enjoying the relaxation benefits of yoga.

7. Personalized necklace

A personalized necklace with an engraving of her children’s names or initials will be a special reminder of how much she is loved. I had one of these for two years before my chain broke. I loved that simple and stylish piece of jewelry.

8. Self-care subscription box*

A self-care subscription box is a great way to show your appreciation for her hard work and dedication. With boxes full of beauty products, health snacks, and inspirational books, she will have everything needed for some pampering time.

9. Home cleaning service*

Give your favorite mom the gift of a home cleaning service. She can take some time off and let someone else take care of the housework for her.

10. Subscription to a streaming service*

A subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu is an ideal Christmas gift idea for busy moms who need some entertainment to wind down after a hectic season.

11. Meal delivery service*

Gift her a meal delivery service for those nights when she needs to cook but doesn’t have the energy.

12. Personalized mug

Get your busy mom a personalized mug with an uplifting message or a funny quote – it will be sure to make her smile!

13. Skin care

Cold weather combined with lots of household chores and cooking takes a heavy toll on your busy mom’s hands. Take care of her with a lotion that holds up against her hard work.

14. Journal

With a blank journal, your busy mom can take some time to reflect and write down her thoughts.

15. Yoga mat

Gift her a yoga mat to help make the most of her yoga practice. Check out a yoga app to go with the mat so she can meditate and stretch from the comfort of her own home.

16. Handbag

Treat your special mom to an elegant handbag that she can use on days out.

17. Aromatherapy diffuser

With an aromatherapy diffuser, your busy mom can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils while keeping her home smelling great.

18. Coffee maker

Help her make a cup of coffee with ease each morning with a high-quality coffee maker.

19. Subscription to a magazine*

Choose a magazine that covers her interests, such as cooking, fashion, or travel. She can catch up with the latest trends and news while relaxing at home.

20. Fitness tracker

Get your busy mom a fitness tracker so she can monitor her activity levels and reach her health goals easily.

21. Personalized cutting board

Surprise her with a personalized cutting board that she can use for years to come.

22. Spa day*

Give the gift of relaxation and pampering with a spa day. She can enjoy a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure – the choices are endless!

23. Coffee subscription*

Gift her a coffee subscription so she can enjoy fresh, delicious coffee each day.

24. Clothing

Get her an outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable for days spent on the go. But include the gift receipts so if the outfit doesn’t suit her, she can pick out something else.

25. Luxury candles

Give your busy mom some much-needed relaxation with luxury candles with calming scents such as lavender or rose.

26. Home décor

Get her a piece of home décor to add a touch of style and personality to her living space.

27. Kitchen appliances

Make cooking easier with kitchen appliances such as slow cookers, pressure cookers, or air fryers.

28. Silk pillowcase

Give your mom the gift healthier skin and hair by adding a few silk pillowcases she can cycle through on a regular basis.

29. Hair care*

Personalized hair care through subscription services matches up your mom’s unique hair type to the products she needs. An easy-to-follow hair care regime that comes in the mail is sure to help her feel pampered and keep her hair healthy.

And the best choice for last . . . [drumroll] . . .

30. A night alone at a hotel*

Hear me out. Every mom wants this. One day alone, relaxing, eating amazing food, watching her favorite show or reading a book. Bonus points if the house is sparkly clean when she comes home. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

This Christmas, show your busy mom how much you care by picking out a thoughtful gift from this list. Whether it’s a subscription service or an item that will make her life easier, these gifts are sure to put a smile on her face and give her the break she deserves. After all, she’s worked hard all year and deserves something special. Happy gift-shopping!