family on the beach

I’m a passionate, driven woman whose calling in life is to explore, inspire, and empower. Nothing brings me more joy than making memories with my husband, Jayme, and our three children: Jaxyn, Cypher, and Melyssa. As a family, we love pickling, living the vegan life, and tending to our hobby farm and two goats—Atticus and Clementine.

For years, I was totes tired in my corporate job. I realized that the cubicle existence was devo to my soul. That’s when I decided to live my true self and seek fulfilling horizons. Now I work from home, inviting others—moms especially—to do as I did and live life in the moment, on your own terms. That’s where Scattered Musings comes in.

I started this blog to show other what’s really out there—from the sublime simplicity of organic avocado toast to amazeballs products and home-based business opportunities. I sift through the junk so you don’t have to, and I zero in on the useful, the inspiring, the witty and clever, and the pleasantly odd.

I’ve found my life calling. Now go find yours!

— Alyce Copley-Ryder

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