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Great way to organize all those toys

I was never much of a toy organizer when my oldest children were babies, they had a toy box and that’s where the toys went. There was a book shelf and clearly that’s where the books went, they also had a stuffed animal hanger and all stuff animals were kept there. They were organized as toys, books and stuff animals simple enough and at the time worked.

I bought $1 clear or colored plastic shoe boxes, to help organize the toys. I put cars in one, plastic farm play sets in another, Noah had little  motorcycles I even gave them a box of their own box. He had about 12 different themed boxes, it not only help keep things organized but it kept the mess down and was easier to clean up. I wouldn’t mind if he brought out 3 or more boxes at once, but when he was done they all went back into their own little boxes. It worked great, it was a simple organization for 1 child (the other children were much older and didn’t have toys)

This method didn’t work out so well for my daughters, there are more toys to keep organized. There is also a pretty big age difference too, Kayden is 4 and Elizabeth is almost 1, so some toys we have to keep away from the baby. I had to find another way to organize their toys, they share most of them but I was looking for something other than a big toy box.

One of my sponsors Delta Children’s Products, sent me an email announcing some of their newest products. One happened to be an extra wide organizer, and it hit me that I needed something like that to help organize the girl’s shared toys. It was the perfect height and I loved the colors of the little storage baskets that came with it. Being my sponsor Delta Children’s Products shipped the organizer, for my honest opinion of one of their newest product.

The organizer arrived and I couldn’t wait to put it together and to get started with organizing their toys. I love how they ship their products (this is the second I’ve reviewed, my first was the Dora Explorer Bed). The products are shipped in their original box and then they place that box into a standard brown shipping box. This helps keep the items protected, but also you have the same decorated box as you would if you had bought the product from a store. Which is great for when you have to store the item or if you move.

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The organizer required some assembly and I only needed a philips or a straight head screwdriver. There are 7 major parts, the 2 sides (wooden stand) the 4- sectional poles ((8 total pieces creating 4 main poles)) (they support the organizer and fabric shelf that holds the baskets) fabric piece (acts as a shelf for the baskets). You slip the sectional poles together, using the screws provided you screw one end of the pole to the inside of a wooden side, you slip the fabric piece over the poles, put the other wooden side on and use the remaining screws to secure it. Stand the organizer up, tighten the screws, open the fabric baskets and place on the organizer. This all took about 15 minutes, for me to unpack, assemble and clean up.

If you are looking for a great sturdy alternative for organizing your child’s room, have a look at Delta Children’s Products. They also have many other items like beds, tables and chairs, desks, and they carry many of our favorite character decorated furniture. From the Disney Fairies to Dora the Explorer.