Billion Dollar Brows Eyebrow Experiment

I am not a beauty expert, but like any beauty conscious woman I know that eyebrows are pretty important. We all want perfect billion dollar brows, some are born with them while others… well we have to work on them a little. I would be the later and have spent countless amount of time and monies having them waxed and pluck. I’d always say “please get these (pointing to my brows) into shape, give me an arch, thin them out etc. I’d close my eyes and wait with anticipation for the result, time after time it was the same disappointment.

Well I finally put my foot down, and decided I’d start doing my own brows. Yes I was scared that I’d mess up, but hey the worse case scenario would be I’d have to shave them off and draw them on. Not so bad … right?

I kept wondering if there was a product that would help make my brows fuller, that way I could actually give them some shape. After a few searches I came across Billion Dollar Brows, and they claim to have a product that will help “Strengthen & Condition Thin, Over-Tweezed Brows” called Brow Boost. Although my brows weren’t over-tweezed, I was getting ready to experiment on them and I wanted to start with fuller brows. After reaching out to Billion Dollar Brows and explaining my upcoming brow experiment, they offered up a few of their products to help me along. As long as I shared with them my experience and thoughts about their products. I happily agreed and within a few days I was ready and armed to start. (yes, I know I am a brave woman… or just plain mad?)

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I received Brow Boost, Brow Powder and their Brow Brush, and immediately started using the brow boost. I used it nightly for 2 weeks and guess what? I noticed a difference in my brows, they were thicker, fuller and were ready for my experiment. So I set out with my make-up mirror that magnifies everything to the billionth power and my tweezers. I plucked and tweezed until my brows had the look I wanted. I then decided to test the other products that I received, I loved the brow powder it help fill in my brows nicely.

A little more about the products from Billion Dollar Brows.

Brow Boost – A natural formula with no scary side effects: prostaglandin free, to help you have thicker fuller brows. It’s so easy to use! Comes with a convenient brush-on applicator, just apply Brow Boost to your brows at night and leave it alone.

Brow Powder – Goes on smooth and natural, giving your brows a brilliant sheen of color. Every shade has been rigorously tested at our Beverly Hills salon to ensure absolute quality and color accuracy. Comes in blonde, light brown, raven and taupe.

Brow Brush – Perfect for applying the brow powder and great for smoothing out your brows.

I stand firm that the Brow Boost works! For more information on Billion Dollar Brows check out their site. You can also connect with them on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.