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The Dot Girl First Period Kit

Explaining to your daughter about her first period may be difficult for some. Don’t worry because Dot Girl has a First Period Kit to make it a little easier. Even after we have the talk about their first period many girls may have questions that they may not ask. But if you have a Dot Girl First Period Kit on hand you’ll be able to help make that talk easier.

The Dot Girl First Period Kit® – Has everything a girl needs for her first period, including information and supplies all packed in a pretty little bag.

dot girl first period kit

The kit contains:

  • The Dot Girl Period Answer Book™ – a 20-page question and answer booklet covering the basics about menstruation including: How many days will I bleed? When will I get my first period? How do I track my period? What about cramps? What is a period anyway? Written in an easy-to-read and positive tone the booklet fits neatly inside the reusable case so girls can refer to it over and over again.
  • My Period Diary – included with The Dot Girl Period Answer Book™, the Diary allows girls to track their period over the first year.
  • The Dot Girl Warm Pad™, a reusable gel heating pad for soothing cramps.
  • Five disposal bags.
  • Five feminine hygiene pads.
  • Two hand wipes complete the kit ensuring girls that they’ll be prepared in any situation.

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