Save your sweaters with Lilly Brush

I don’t wear sweaters much, but some of our sweaters are prone to pills, no matter how I wash them it just happens. When Lilly Brush decided to work with me, I was super excited to do the review.

When my Lilly Brush arrived I started my review almost immediately, it was cool for a couple of days and my favorite sweater was full of pills and I wanted to wear it out that evening. I got to work with the brush and was amazed at how easily it removed the pills from my sweater. It took me a good 5 mins to get it looking perfect, and I was a happy woman later that evening when I got to wear it out.

Billion Dollar Brows Eyebrow Experiment

I am not a beauty expert, but like any beauty conscious woman I know that eyebrows are pretty important. We all want perfect billion dollar brows, some are born with them while others… well we have to work on them a little. I would be the later and have spent countless amount of time and monies having them waxed and pluck. I’d always say “please get these (pointing to my brows) into shape, give me an arch, thin them out etc. I’d close my eyes and wait with anticipation for the result, time after time it was the same disappointment.

Well I finally put my foot down, and decided I’d start doing my own brows. Yes I was scared that I’d mess up, but hey the worse case scenario would be I’d have to shave them off and draw them on. Not so bad … right?