Ozeri Digital Bathroom Scale

Part of dieting and weight-loss is weighting yourself on a regular basis, during my last weight-in I noticed that my scale wasn’t leveling properly. (it was a dial scale) I later noticed after weighting myself on another scale that my scale was actually 10 lbs off. Pretty cruel joke for someone working on loosing weight. Anyways this started my search for a new scale, I actually bought two and ended up returning them to the store. One was ran on watch style batteries, not one but 4 of them the amount of money it would cost to replace the batteries cost more than the scale itself.

Naturade All Natural Pea Protein Drink 100% Vegan Review

Naturade sent me 3 individual packets of Naturade’s Pea Protein vanilla flavored food supplement drink to try. Being that I workout on almost daily I enjoy a protein filled green shake often. But them it comes to protein drinks, powders etc. I try to find the ones that are made naturally with the most nutritional value in each serving.

I really liked that Naturade Pea Protein™ is all natural and contains no animal by-products, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners and no artificial colors. They use non-GMO pea protein that is 100% gluten-free, cholesterol-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Each great tasting vanilla shake provides an excellent source of vegetable-based protein and is suitable for low-carbohydrate dieters, vegetarians, vegans, children, athletes and anyone needing extra protein in their daily diet. Sounds almost too healthy huh? Are you thinking “well Alyce, it’s healthy but how does it taste?”