Great way to organize all those toys

I was never much of a toy organizer when my oldest children were babies, they had a toy box and that’s where the toys went. There was a book shelf and clearly that’s where the books went, they also had a stuffed animal hanger and all stuff animals were kept there. They were organized as toys, books and stuff animals simple enough and at the time worked.

I bought $1 clear or colored plastic shoe boxes, to help organize the toys. I put cars in one, plastic farm play sets in another, Noah had little  motorcycles I even gave them a box of their own box. He had about 12 different themed boxes, it not only help keep things organized but it kept the mess down and was easier to clean up. I wouldn’t mind if he brought out 3 or more boxes at once, but when he was done they all went back into their own little boxes. It worked great, it was a simple organization for 1 child (the other children were much older and didn’t have toys)

GlassDharma Glass Straw

I love using a straw for my drinks, I couldn’t give you a good reason only that I like using a straw. What I don’t like is that I am constantly buying bags of them, and they aren’t really washable/reusable either. Then one day I came across GlassDharma the makers of glass straws, and knew I found the solution to my straw obsession. It was a pleasure to be able to use and provide you my readers with more information on GlassDharma straws.

The Dot Girl First Period Kit

Explaining to your daughter about her first period may be difficult for some. Don’t worry because Dot Girl has a First Period Kit to make it a little easier. Even after we have the talk about their first period many girls may have questions that they may not ask. But if you have a Dot Girl First Period Kit on hand you’ll be able to help make that talk easier.

The Dot Girl First Period Kit® – Has everything a girl needs for her first period, including information and supplies all packed in a pretty little bag.

Save your sweaters with Lilly Brush

I don’t wear sweaters much, but some of our sweaters are prone to pills, no matter how I wash them it just happens. When Lilly Brush decided to work with me, I was super excited to do the review.

When my Lilly Brush arrived I started my review almost immediately, it was cool for a couple of days and my favorite sweater was full of pills and I wanted to wear it out that evening. I got to work with the brush and was amazed at how easily it removed the pills from my sweater. It took me a good 5 mins to get it looking perfect, and I was a happy woman later that evening when I got to wear it out.