Great way to organize all those toys

I was never much of a toy organizer when my oldest children were babies, they had a toy box and that’s where the toys went. There was a book shelf and clearly that’s where the books went, they also had a stuffed animal hanger and all stuff animals were kept there. They were organized as toys, books and stuff animals simple enough and at the time worked.

I bought $1 clear or colored plastic shoe boxes, to help organize the toys. I put cars in one, plastic farm play sets in another, Noah had little  motorcycles I even gave them a box of their own box. He had about 12 different themed boxes, it not only help keep things organized but it kept the mess down and was easier to clean up. I wouldn’t mind if he brought out 3 or more boxes at once, but when he was done they all went back into their own little boxes. It worked great, it was a simple organization for 1 child (the other children were much older and didn’t have toys)

GlassDharma Glass Straw

I love using a straw for my drinks, I couldn’t give you a good reason only that I like using a straw. What I don’t like is that I am constantly buying bags of them, and they aren’t really washable/reusable either. Then one day I came across GlassDharma the makers of glass straws, and knew I found the solution to my straw obsession. It was a pleasure to be able to use and provide you my readers with more information on GlassDharma straws.

Here’s What I Think of a Scentsy Home Business

Here’s What I Think of a Scentsy Home Business

A girlfriend of mine is in the market for a new home, so a few months ago I spent a Saturday house shopping with her. At one of the homes on her interest list, we walked in the front door and all I could focus on is how wonderful it smelled—like the most delicious streusel cake in the world.

Turns out, that smell was coming from a Scentsy candle. I say candle, but it’s really just a square of scented wax that releases its fragrance as it melts.

Scentsy is another multi-level marketing company founded in Utah (there seem to be a lot of those; perhaps that’s a topic for another post) in 2003, but it is now headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. The company is a little different than most MLMs as it employs a direct-selling model, and a party-plan marketing model.

KOBO Soy Candle from Katie Wong NYC

Katie Wong NYC is an online boutique that offers a stylish selection of high-quality contemporary products for your home and lifestyle. I recently came across the site while doing one of my many searches for candles. I found many things I’d like to add to our home and fell in love with their KOBO Soy Candle collection.

I received the Opoponax Amber pure soy candle for my review, the  fragrance is a blend of sandalwood, violet, and patchouli. I love the way it smells, not to sweet, too strong and the scent lingers lightly in the room, even with it just sitting on my desk.  It arrived in a circular box with a little box of candle matches, I love the box and I ‘m using it as a pen holder.

Flirty Apron by Everything 4 Mom

I’ve got a great idea for a perfect Mother’s Day gift! What mom wouldn’t want a cute Flirty Apron by Everything 4 Mom to wear while cooking? Us Mom’s spend most of our time either cooking or cleaning, so why not wear a cute flirty apron while cooking? I have always wanted a cute apron to wear while cooking dinners for our family gatherings, but never found one that I love as much as I do the one I received from