Great way to organize all those toys

I was never much of a toy organizer when my oldest children were babies, they had a toy box and that’s where the toys went. There was a book shelf and clearly that’s where the books went, they also had a stuffed animal hanger and all stuff animals were kept there. They were organized as toys, books and stuff animals simple enough and at the time worked.

I bought $1 clear or colored plastic shoe boxes, to help organize the toys. I put cars in one, plastic farm play sets in another, Noah had little  motorcycles I even gave them a box of their own box. He had about 12 different themed boxes, it not only help keep things organized but it kept the mess down and was easier to clean up. I wouldn’t mind if he brought out 3 or more boxes at once, but when he was done they all went back into their own little boxes. It worked great, it was a simple organization for 1 child (the other children were much older and didn’t have toys)